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Username Serg| Posted 2019-6-14 18:03:35|Housing
Username Ali.Haider| Posted 2018-7-28 19:18:09|Meet People
English teacher
Username jordan_008| Posted 2018-3-10 13:37:28|Meet People
Looking for someone
Username Ali.Haider| Posted 2018-2-2 13:48:16|Meet People
I think
Username Ali.Haider| Posted 2018-2-2 13:39:21|Meet People
Education is virtue
Username Ali.Haider| Posted 2018-1-11 12:54:23|Meet People
Social network
Username Ali.Haider| Posted 2018-1-11 12:19:27|Meet People
12000-26000RMB per month Native English Teachers Needed
Username connectbeijing| Posted 2017-4-21 18:13:27|Meet People
Native English Teacher Wanted in Beijing
Username connectbeijing| Posted 2017-4-14 15:56:29|Other Services
Native English Teacher Needed in Beijing
Username connectbeijing| Posted 2017-3-31 14:09:21|Other Services
Looking for a job opportunity as a kindergarten English teacher
Username beannyle22| Posted 2017-3-21 19:59:06|Other Services
Teaching English Fulltime to Kindergarten for Non Native Teachers
Username beannyle22| Posted 2017-2-27 20:45:29|Other Services
Native English speakers who are outgoing and love kids
Username array| Posted 2017-2-15 12:02:41|Other Services
HotHD Satellite IPTV Subscription in China
Username cstv| Posted 2016-12-22 17:16:18|Buy and Sell
HotHD Satellite IPTV Subscription in China
Username cstv| Posted 2016-12-22 15:37:09|Buy and Sell
Username victoriacelik| Posted 2016-7-21 17:40:23|Other Services
English teaching jobs in Beijing
Username sara520gln| Posted 2016-6-20 14:56:20|Other Services
Username elmarzom| Posted 2016-4-11 16:10:17|Other Services
ESL teacher
Username elmarzom| Posted 2016-4-11 16:06:02|Other Services
Username saqaf1| Posted 2016-1-24 21:30:23|Housing
Username johnkallis156| Posted 2015-12-14 15:10:22|Meet People
Username johnkallis156| Posted 2015-12-14 15:07:36|Meet People
want a job
Username haxam| Posted 2015-11-18 12:25:43|Other Services
to find job
Username jhonsmith| Posted 2015-10-26 14:16:40|Other Services
English teacher
Username Sava| Posted 2015-9-13 19:35:02|Other Services
English teacher
Username Sava| Posted 2015-9-13 19:32:59|Other Services
self intro
Username david.11| Posted 2015-9-9 12:58:41|Other Services
Username Alex11| Posted 2015-9-9 12:47:38|Other Services
Availability: Available to begin working ASAP.
Username David 11| Posted 2015-9-9 11:03:10|Other Services
Preferred Occupation: English Teaching
Username Inna| Posted 2015-9-9 10:57:39|Other Services
Preferred Job Locations: Shenzhen
Username Anastasiia0| Posted 2015-9-9 10:53:24|Other Services
Preferred Occupation: Professional Managers
Username anthony 11| Posted 2015-9-9 10:38:27|Other Services
Preferred Occupation: Acting/Model/Voice Hotels/Tourism English Teaching
Username phil| Posted 2015-9-7 9:22:17|Other Services
Availability: Available to begin working ASAP.
Username David Dos| Posted 2015-9-7 9:19:46|Other Services
Preferred Occupation: Other Teaching/Training International Trade
Username luis | Posted 2015-9-7 9:04:54|Other Services
Preferred Job Locations: Beijing Shanghai Any City
Username Denys| Posted 2015-9-7 9:00:45|Other Services
Preferred Job Locations: Shanghai
Username Jochen| Posted 2015-9-6 11:21:13|Other Services
Preferred Occupation: English Teaching Other Teaching/Training
Username MOAYAD| Posted 2015-9-6 11:04:37|Other Services
Availability: Available to begin working ASAP.
Username Péter| Posted 2015-9-6 10:58:53|Other Services
Preferred Occupation: English Teaching Other Teaching/Training
Username Nikola22| Posted 2015-9-3 10:03:11|Other Services
Career Objective English teacher
Username Dogaru| Posted 2015-9-3 9:22:55|Other Services
Preferred Occupation: English Teaching
Username Ranko Ostojic| Posted 2015-9-2 9:03:00|Other Services
Hi, there, im looking for a job here
Username Mark Courtney| Posted 2015-9-1 10:29:57|Buy and Sell
Hello,for job
Username Terrance Collins| Posted 2015-9-1 10:13:01|Buy and Sell
Seek for job
Username John Trahms| Posted 2015-9-1 10:05:25|Other Services
Served as an English speaking teacher for a class, helping students with their Conversational skills
Username Michaelds| Posted 2015-8-17 15:16:47|Other Services
looking for part time job as a english teacher
Username Muhammadds| Posted 2015-8-14 11:20:52|Other Services
I am a near-native speaker with twenty years' experience in teaching English and Russian as foreign languages
Username Oleg| Posted 2015-8-13 15:10:20|Other Services
Meeting guests, flight check in, ensuring a comfortable stay in vip\business-lounge, solving problems (conflicts)
Username Evgeniya| Posted 2015-8-13 15:02:51|Other Services
To successfully participate in the teaching of the english language
Username Stepheng| Posted 2015-8-12 15:36:28|Other Services
My objective is to create an internationalized environment for English teaching
Username shawnnon| Posted 2015-8-11 17:03:25|Other Services
I want to explore and learn chinese culture
Username Kristina| Posted 2015-8-11 16:39:41|Other Services
Looking for a hotel or English Job
Username Audd| Posted 2015-7-30 16:43:53|Meet People
English parting teacher
Username Audd| Posted 2015-7-28 14:28:53|Meet People
Username Audd| Posted 2015-7-28 14:21:02|Housing
looking for jobs
Username Stark| Posted 2015-7-27 21:08:10|Meet People
application for job
Username ericson| Posted 2015-7-23 9:40:14|Other Services
As a teacher of English as a Second Language I will motivate my students, provide them with meaningful bases of language learning
Username Artem| Posted 2015-7-22 16:10:16|Other Services
English teaching
Username Aditi| Posted 2015-7-22 1:31:02|Other Services
Username Jasonvdsf| Posted 2015-7-17 16:12:55|Other Services
Username phillip| Posted 2015-7-15 18:45:03|Other Services
Teaching English leads to the basic and fundamental ways of learning English for the kids
Username anselllee| Posted 2015-7-15 9:45:01|Other Services
Continue to grow in knowledge and skills with excellence and proficiency
Username Rosita| Posted 2015-7-14 14:19:25|Other Services
ESL teacher in Beijing, looking for cooperation
Username eddy111| Posted 2015-7-11 9:43:03|Other Services
Looking for the ESL teaching position
Username Johnson| Posted 2015-6-11 10:58:08|Other Services
Art teacher
Username Kuba.B| Posted 2015-5-12 16:37:11|Other Services
job application
Username dekamed| Posted 2015-3-27 19:01:09|Other Services
Skype English Tuition
Username Coco Lee| Posted 2015-3-20 10:58:56|Other Services
economics teacher
Username STEPHANIE| Posted 2015-3-4 14:36:44|Other Services
Username macks143| Posted 2015-3-4 13:46:14|Meet People
Sports trainer
Username vadimvas| Posted 2014-8-30 18:33:46|Other Services
Request for the post of English non-native speaker in any institute.
Username| Posted 2014-8-28 17:24:12|Other Services
visa service in beijing
Username teach_travel| Posted 2014-8-18 15:02:43|Other Services
Chinese visa and visa extend
Username teach_travel| Posted 2014-8-15 17:33:14|Buy and Sell
visa agency
Username teach_travel| Posted 2014-8-11 14:37:59|Other Services
Username bona mutum| Posted 2014-8-11 14:20:12|Other Services
visa service
Username teach_travel| Posted 2014-8-8 17:25:51|Other Services
application for a job consideration in teaching english and accounting
Username godwell| Posted 2014-7-16 22:41:39|Other Services
are you a single lady?
Username godwell| Posted 2014-7-16 22:11:59|Meet People
English teacher
Username Polyantsevaia| Posted 2014-7-3 14:42:52|Other Services
Bachelor of Education in Mathematics
Username ifexpress02| Posted 2014-6-21 14:50:22|Other Services
Username shishma| Posted 2014-5-24 1:37:30|Other Services
English Teacher
Username Huyuxuan| Posted 2014-5-12 22:07:21|Other Services
Meet People
Username Bam| Posted 2014-5-6 18:05:29|Meet People
Experienced ESL Teacher
Username lizzylove25| Posted 2014-4-22 23:00:02|Other Services
ESL Teaching
Username niki12detaro| Posted 2014-4-10 13:45:30|Other Services
job seeking
Username janet| Posted 2014-4-9 14:39:46|Other Services
look for a english teacher
Username | Posted 2011-6-29 13:57:30|Meet People
Username | Posted 2010-12-29 10:59:08|Other Services
hello,do u wanna tour guide or assistant in China?
Username | Posted 2010-10-22 15:20:33|Other Services
Language Services
Username | Posted 2010-10-22 15:17:10|Other Services
looking for a chinees girl
Username | Posted 2010-10-22 15:05:27|Meet People
Efficient and cost-saving MandarinTraining at Da Wang Lu!
Username | Posted 2010-10-22 15:02:02|Other Services
love is too expensive ,so friends are better for me
Username | Posted 2010-10-22 14:50:13|Meet People
Private Beijing tour guide
Username | Posted 2010-10-22 14:44:57|Other Services
sweet local girl for nice travellers only
Username | Posted 2010-10-22 14:42:33|Meet People
Guide Required for 5 day visit to Beijing January 10 - 15, 2011
Username | Posted 2010-10-22 14:32:29|Meet People
Make friends with you
Username | Posted 2010-10-22 13:15:15|Meet People
Look for a foreign to teach me english
Username | Posted 2010-10-22 13:13:59|Meet People

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